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The Association requires vessels to be surveyed to ensure that they meet the requisite standards for safety, construction, seaworthiness, cargo worthiness, crew management, and vessel management. Unless the vessel has recently undergone and passed a P&I and/or H&M Condition Survey by a marine Surveyor on its approved list, the Association will normally require a survey within 5 to 30 days of entry, depending upon the terms of the cover established by the Underwriting Department.

When a vessel has undergone a survey in which the vessel has been found deficient, a list of deficiencies will be assembled in a report and submitted to the master. The Technical Department will also review the report to determine if it will recommend to the Underwriting Department that a defect exclusion clause is warranted.

If issued, the exclusion will usually remain in effect for any outstanding deficiencies under which the terms of entry are claused to exclude any and all claims arising either directly or indirectly from any of the outstanding defects enumerated in the deficiency list.

Defect exclusions remain in effect until such time as the vessel passes the survey requirement either by successfully undergoing a complete P&I and/or H&M Condition Survey, or following an incomplete survey or a survey in which outstanding deficiencies are found, is presented for and completes a Follow-up Survey satisfactorily.