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Charterers' Liability

As a Charterer who cannot always avoid risks, and actually charterers probably don't want to, because taking risks generates returns. That's their business. However Charterers want to manage their return by transferring those risks they cannot or don't want to run themselves by buying E. pandi tailor made protection. That's E. pandi business.

In essence, Charterers' liability insurances are not complicated. What the Charterers want is one cover, structured and tailored to their needs. No more, no less. What they see is what they get. With clear and consistent terms and conditions, backed by worldwide accepted security with an outstanding rating. This cover exists in E. pandi.

E. pandi offer insurances at competitive and transparent premiums with deductibles exclusive of costs, potentially saving the Charterers thousands of dollars. Backed by excellent security, E. pandi provide outside market insurance solutions with inside market security.