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F.D. & D. Cover

Freight, Demurrage and Defense, often referred to as “F.D. & D.”, is a discretionary legal cost and expense insurance incurred by agreed matters or events. Our professional team also provides legal advice, modifies various legal documents and negotiates with the opposing party for members.


F.D. & D. shall covers the costs and expenses reasonably incurred in connection with matters or events such as Bill of lading dispute, Charter dispute, Ship's collision dispute as so on. Among them, most of the disputes referred to the F.D. & D. team are bills of lading and charter-party disputes. Our professional team would provide legal advice for members ‘inquires, appoint competent lawyers or surveyors worldwide, and support members' disputes to arbitrate or litigate. Our purpose is to save legal costs and expenses and thus settle the disputes timely and efficiently for members. We also publish opinions and recommendations on loss prevention periodically for members' reference.